Our College is built on Prayer. Please pray for us on Moore College Sunday. 6 August 2017.

About Moore College Sunday

On Sunday 6 August, 2017. Moore College Sunday is a day when we partner with local churches to invite people to pray for the College, its work, the churches it serves and its students, graduates, staff and faculty, and ask people to get involved in the College community.
When Moore College has a need, we know that the most important thing to do is pray. For over a century, God’s people have been praying for the college, and when they’ve prayed, God is never slow in answering. Our college, which continually grows and expands to nurture more and more men and women seeking to grow in Christ, is built on the prayers of people like you. Join the generations of God’s people who have carried every one of Moore’s needs to the throne of grace and partner with us on Moore College Sunday.

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Principal’s Welcome

In God’s great kindness, he put it in the heart of Thomas Moore, a pastoralist on the outskirts of Sydney, to set aside money on his death towards the founding of a College ‘for the education of … youths of the Protestant persuasion in the principles of Christian knowledge’. Since its opening some one hundred and sixty years ago, God has provided for Moore College at every point in its life. He has given it a succession of godly, learned and skilled teachers, from the single tutor with which it began to the twenty full-time faculty of today. He has brought thousands of students to the College — generations of men and women have studied for a life-time of discipleship and disciple-making at Moore College. He has provided generous friends, wise administrators and a diligent, dedicated staff. All that we at the College have enjoyed over the past century and a half has been the kind gift of our loving heavenly Father.

We must never lose our sense of dependence upon God and his grace towards us. Without his sustaining and guiding providence Moore College would go the way of many others before it — drifting from the word of God, blending into the world of the secular academy, losing touch with the gospel mission that alone justifies its existence.Our need and our vulnerability are well-known to God. We must be aware of them too. That, as much as anything else, is a stimulus to prayer. Only God can keep us anchored in his word and focussed on going out to the world with the message of Jesus crucified, risen and reigning. Only God can provide our concrete needs of the today and those of tomorrow that we can’t possibly anticipate yet. Only God can enable us to grow in our knowledge of him and in humility and service towards others at the same time. I am reminded to pray for Moore College when I see its students crossing the street for breakfast or gathering in small groups to discuss what they’ve been learning and praying for each other. I am reminded to pray when I see and hear the legacy of those who have gone before — the teachers, the students and all who supported them. I am reminded to pray when I get on a bus to go down to the city and realise that despite all outward appearances, most of these men, women and children are lost and a great many of them know nothing at all about Jesus and the salvation he came to bring them. It was when Jesus saw the crowds that he urged his disciples ‘pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest’. The reality is, though, it is not the reminders to pray that count in the end, it is stopping everything else and actually doing it.

Mark D Thompson Principal, Moore Theological College


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Prayer for churches

Thank God for his wonderful generosity in the gift of his Son, for the good news of his saving work and the privilege of proclaiming that message to the world.
Give thanks  for the many churches across Sydney and beyond that provide prayer support to the College.
Pray that God will continue to raise up many godly, gifted and servant-hearted men and women to train at Moore College for full-time gospel ministry in Sydney and around the world.
Pray that the Lord will send Moore students to go out into the harvest as gospel workers.
Pray for the growth of the gospel and the College’s part in it.
Pray that the Lord will raise up prayer and financial supporters to support the work of the College.
Praise God for providing the men and women of the faculty and pray for their continued faithfulness to his word and service of the students and the churches.
Pray that God will aid the faculty’s preparation of teaching material, their godliness and their leadership of the students.
Pray that through the Being Moore capital campaign the College will raise sufficient funds to enable the construction of the new building with the optimal configuration of teaching and community spaces to serve the needs of our students.

A list of useful resources for Moore College Sunday

Watch our Moore College Sunday video here.

Below is a list of prayer points to use in your church services on MCS, download here (PDF).

Moore College Sunday 2017 Prayer Points

  • Thank God for his wonderful generosity in the gift of his Son, for the good news of his saving work and the privilege of proclaiming that message to the world.
  • Give thanks for the long-standing partnership between Moore College and the churches of the Diocese (and beyond) in that gospel mission.
  • In particular, give thanks for the many churches across Sydney and beyond that provide prayer support to the College.
  • Thank God for his provision of the College’s needs over the past 161 years in terms of faculty, finances and infrastructure. Thank God especially for the new building which opened February 2017.
  • Thank God for faithful leadership of the College by the Principal and the Governing Board.
  • Thank God especially the gifted and godly faculty of the College and especially for the new faculty that have joined in recent years.
  • Thank God that He has raised up labourers for his harvest and enabled many of them to study at Moore and be equipped to serve Him.
  • Give thanks for the wide open door for ministry in a wide variety of areas for graduates of the College.
  • Thank God for the dedicated support staff who work tirelessly for the benefit of students and those they will serve.
  • Pray that the entire College community will grow in the knowledge and love of God, and our concern for the lost in the world, through the study of His word and fellowship with one another.
  • Pray that the teaching programs of the College might continue to effectively prepare people for ministry in the challenging environment of the twenty-first century.
  • Pray for our students that they and their families might be built up as effective ambassadors for Christ in the churches and in the world.
  • Pray for energy and refreshment for a faculty that are often stretched with many different commitments. Pray for their preparation and their godly pastoral care of students as well as opportunities to pursue research for the benefit of the College and the churches.
  • Pray that our graduates might faithfully, effectively and lovingly serve people of God by teaching the word of God to the glory of God.
  • Pray that God will continue to raise up a large number godly, gifted, humble, servant-hearted men and women to train at Moore College for full-time gospel ministry in Sydney and around the world. Pray that they might joyfully give themselves to getting the best preparation possible for this crucial work.
  • Pray for an increase in our capacity to provide housing for students so that more might share all the benefits of learning in community.
  • Pray that the Lord will continue to put it on the hearts of people to regularly pray for the College and, as they are able, financially support its work.
  • Pray that God would provide what remains of our target for the new building fund.



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Other resources
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